Sunday, 18 December 2011

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Welcome to the home on the Web of Gigi Brent, author of erotic romance and erotica.  I've got two titles up on Smashwords with several more in the works, and I'll be coming soon to Amazon and other retailers.

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She shifted her weight to one hip, and his head turned, and suddenly the beer tumbled into his lap.  She giggled before she could stop herself, and took a step toward him as he swore and stood the beer up.  He patted at his damp pant leg, set the beer on the floor beside his chair, and looked at her.
Then his face reddened and he looked back at the TV.  He sat stiffly, uncomfortably, and Caitlyn felt herself flush.  She had forgotten what she was wearing.  She smiled inwardly, though.  One look at her and he'd spilled his beer.
She walked toward him.  His head didn't turn, but she knew he was acutely conscious of her in the corner of his eye.  She edged a bit to her right, moving farther into his field of view, and smiled at him.  She felt a curious excitement in the pit of her stomach.  Her plan was working, and it was suddenly more important to her than just scoring points in a spat with her mother.
His head turned slightly toward her, then returned quickly to the TV.  He said, "Your mother, ah, left.  Just a couple of minutes ago."  His voice sounded hoarse.
"I heard."  She used her best sultry voice, her bedroom voice she called it, copied from Lauren Bacall movies.  "I'm sorry you ended up in the middle of this, Jerry.  It must be - hard for you."

Paula turned to face her, eyes bright, with a wicked smile that made Suki's mouth go dry with lust.  "So, granted," Paula said, "he's a bit of a sleazeball."
"Also granted," Suki conceded, "he's kind of hot."
"Kind of?"  Paula's eyebrows rose.  "He's like a Greek god.  I'd like to fuck his brains out."
"He's got the ego of a Greek god," Suki replied.  "I'd like to take him down a peg."
"I know!"  Paula swatted Suki on the shoulder with her handbag.  "So why don't we do both?"
Suki cocked an eyebrow.  "How?"
Paula grinned like the devil herself.  "Just follow my lead."
Jason scanned their faces as they crossed the bar, and his smile was filled with satisfaction.  Paula perched on one side of him, Suki on the other.  Paula did the talking.
"Tell me, Jason, have you ever been with two girls at the same time?"
Suki felt herself flush at the brazenness of the question, but Jason smiled like a small boy at Christmas time.  "Actually," he said, "no, I haven't."
The smile vanished from Paula's face.  "Frankly, you probably never will."  Suki couldn't help giggling at the look on his face.  Paula continued relentlessly.  "Truth is, you're too much of an asshole.  However."  She held her hand up, thumb and finger less than half an inch apart.  "There is a chance – a very small chance, mind you – that, if you play your cards right, you could live every bachelor's fantasy tonight."